Hauling Aussie Gold

Oil on linen

36"by 48"


'' Hauling Aussie Gold " is painted from images I collected from the Barellan working Clydesdales and heavy horses good old days weekend 2017 in New South Wales.  There were (I think) 20 horses hitched to pull this massive wool bale cart.  I apologize in advance for my lack of technical language as I know little about those things.  What I do know, is I love how steady and calm these animals are, and each set of horses hitched hadn't worked together before.  My goal was to create a great sense of depth and to capture the light that shines through their feathers.  It is challenging working on the linen as I need to me mindful of my edges because it is very difficult to undo an edge once painted. I gave it this name because back in the day wool was worth a fortune and made the country very wealthy.

​Copyright Kathy Ellem, 2019 

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